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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any cancellation charges?  
  2. Can I request my taxi to be waiting at a place (e.g airport or street intersection)?  
  3. Do you provide A/C (Air conditioned) cars?  
  4. Do you provide an English-speaking driver?  
  5. Do you provide multiple pickups or drops?  
  6. Do you provide non AC cabs?  
  7. Do you provide self drive cars?  
  8. How and when do I get the driver and cab details ?  
  9. How can I edit my existing booking?  
  10. How do I get confirmation about our booking?  
  11. I want a taxi on a sharing basis. Will you provide it to me?  
  12. I want to make a booking for a round-trip with Gozo cabs, can I do that?  
  13. I'm going from City A to city B for x days. During that time I will travel to neighboring cities from city B - is that all included in my quoted kms?  
  14. I'm hiring a car from Gozo. In the kms quoted on my fixed quote can I use the car for local travel before I leave the city?  
  15. In how many cities do you provide services?  
  16. My driver overcharged me during the trip... How can you help me?  
  17. Our company employees travel regularly. Who do I contact for tie-up?  
  18. Sometimes I find Gozo's prices are slightly higher compared to other companies on the same routes  
  19. What advantages do I get by booking in advance?  
  20. What car categories do you provide?  
  21. What if Driver asks me for extra payment? and I do not agree...  
  22. What if my cab shows up late?  
  23. What if my taxi does not show up?  
  24. What if the cab breaks down during the journey  
  25. What is the earliest I should make a reservation with Gozo?  
  26. Why should I book in advance?  
  27. Will Gozo drivers take detour per our request?  

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