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I'm hiring a car from Gozo. In the kms quoted on my fixed quote can I use the car for local travel before I leave the city?
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Gozo specializes in intercity / outstation transportation services all over India. Each state has different rules and requirements for use of tourist vehicles. In addition, there are restrictions placed on where tourist vehicles can travel to based on rules set by local unions or city ordinances. 

All vehicles you hire are quoted with a fixed amount of kms associated with the exact itinerary listed in your confirmation. Usage of the vehicle outside of the documented itinerary and/or beyond the listed kms may be subject to additional charges. Your use of the vehicle is limited to the activities that are clearly listed on your booking confirmation (booking contract)

Example 1: If you are traveling from City A to City B and back, then you may use the vehicle to leave from City A, goto City B, travel within City B (as long as its within the quoted kms) and return back to City A.

If you wish to make short trips outside ofCity B to points of interest or tourist sites in towns/cities neighboring to City B, this needs to be first clearly listed in your trip plan. If its not listed in your trip plan this activity is not included and will be chargeable as extra. The rate per km that gets billed will be higher for hilly roads vs flat terrain

Example 2: If you are taking a one-way transfer from city A to city B, then you can only take the vehicle from your pickup address to your drop address.
Any intermediate pickup points (pick a friend, drop a friend etc) will need to be specified in your booking confirmation (booking contract) and would be seperately billable if not listed on the contract.

We care for our customers and work hard to meet all your requests. We want you to have a special trip or vacation. Simply give us a call and we will work with you provide you the best solution for your needs. 
For all queries, please contact us at [email protected] or simply call our help line

Example 3: If you are hiring a vehicle for a round trip from City A to to City B and back to City A, you must let us know if you desire to use the vehicle for local sight-seeing in City A (city of departure).  We need a clear itinerary of your plan so it can be documented
& communicated to the driver

Any use of the vehicle outside of what is documented in your trip itinerary is considered unauthorized and may be subject to additional charges. 

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