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Sometimes I find Gozo's prices are slightly higher compared to other companies on the same routes
Last Updated 5 years ago

Price is what you pay and value is what you get.
At Gozo, we focus on delivering the highest value for a fair price. In addition, our quotes are transparent with no pricing suprises later. Our philosophy is to not just get your business today but to get it forever after.

Sure it is possible that you may get a quote lower than ours, and thats where its important that you compare apples to apples.

When looking at a lower quote, here are some pricing traps to watch for....
  1. Is the vehicle commercially licensed (YELLOW NUMBER PLATE) and driver commercially licensed? You do not want to travel in a private vehicle. Its not only illegal but also unsafe to use a private vehicle instead of one with a commercial permit
  2. Private vehicles are either uninsured or inadequately insured, lack commercial permits, evade paying tourist taxes and fees and may be using drivers with questionable driving experience or records.
  3. Most companies will lowball you with quotes that only include base fare and may quote too few included kms for your trip. (Its a classis bait and switch scam)
  4. Those providers would add on daily driver allowances, state taxes, toll taxes, excess km charges to your final bill and extort you for far more money than you had expected. This will lead to a unpleasant experience. Gozo always provides you a written quote (our confirmation emamil has all the it carefully) and its best that you compare our written quote with theirs. 

Transparent apples-apples comparison is best when you are comparing Gozo's pricing with others.
You will find that in 99% of the situations, you not only save more but also have a great experience with Gozo. With Gozo you get a good price and great value.

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